Fractum advantages

  • Safety
    Fractum breakers produce considerably less vibration and noise than other machines on the market. This contributes to a better and healthier working environment for the operators. Chisel operated systems and drop balls often generate fly rock and flying debris (shelling). The energy contained in this is fatal and will kill if it hits someone and damage other equipment. Fractum breakers work differently and as a result they hardly produce fly rock. Risk assessments show that our breakers have a 15m safety zone for humans and a zero safety zone for other equipment.
  • Low wear and tear
    Our technology keeps vibration levels and hydraulic effects to a minimum. The result is less wear and tear of the excavator, which translates to lower maintenance and repair costs and extended service life. Some of our clients’ excavators have done over 20,000 hours by using Fractum equipment.
  • Cost Effectiveness 
    Low levels of wear and tear keep maintenance and repair costs to a minimum. Additionally, our breakers are able to do more tasks than traditional solutions on the market. You therefore won’t need to invest in heavy and expensive secondary equipment, saving you time and money.
  • Increased Flexibility
    Our impact breakers can be taken directly to where they are needed, thus to the material they have to break. You won’t have to invest in secondary equipment.
  • High productivity and capacity
    Fractum breakers are characterised by high precision and high frequency, allowing for fast and efficient breakage and processing of materials.

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