We have drawn up a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Fractum. If you cannot find your answer below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The average service life is 5 to 6 years. This largely depends on the number of strokes, the type of operation and how you well maintain the machine.

Some parts need to be changed every 800 hours, others every 1,600 hours. This depends on the nature of the project and hardness of the material that needs to be broken. Most of our clients change the tip every one to two years, depending on how intensely the breaker has been used. Fractum supplies special maintenance tools to help you keep the machine in good shape and we have initiated preventive maintenance programs for our customers. We are the only company that provides its customers full service contracts, also on the tip. All parts of the breaker can be replaced on site.

The operator places the Fractum breaker on the material that needs to be broken, such as rock or concrete. After the hammerhead is hoisted to the desired level, it is released. After a free fall, the hammer hits the material, releasing kinetic energy, in this way breaking the material.

We have two types of breakers on offer, and four models: fixed energy breakers and variable energy breakers. The first one uses one specific energy level, through a fully automated process. The latter uses variable energy levels which are determined manually by the operator. Please contact Fractum for more technical information on our breaking equipment.

Conventional chisel systems penetrate the material that needs to be broken, which weakens the material and eventually breaks it. Fractum breakers have been designed to break the material by releasing kinetic energy. Secondly, the vibration from the breaking process is contained in the hammerhead is and not transferred back to the excavator as for the chisel-operated system. As a result wear and tear is minimal. Last but not least, our breakers’ noise levels are significantly lower compared to conventional chisel systems. This improves the working conditions of the operator and the surrounding area.

Yes. The Fractum breaker only needs hydraulic oil from the excavator. In most cases the load on the excavator is very low, which makes it possible to use older types of excavators. At the same time the comfort of the operator’s working environment is increased dramatically due to the much lower noise and vibration levels, when compared to those of hydraulic hammers.

The vibration from the breaking process is contained in the hammerhead and is not transferred back to the excavator. As a result wear and tear is minimal and working conditions of the operator are significantly better when compared to conventional machinery. In addition, our breakers’ noise levels are significantly lower compared to conventional hydraulic hammers

Chisel-operated systems and drop balls often produce fly rock. Being hit by fly rock can be fatal or damage other equipment. Fractum breakers work differently as the impact happens inside the chassis, minimizing fly rock. Risk assessments show that our breakers have a 15m safety zone for humans and a zero safety zone for other equipment.

We have worked with all types of machinery and we have found that Fractum breakers can be combined with all different types of machinery on the market, provided that the excavator has the correct weight referring to local standards and regulation.

While Fractum breakers deliver a maximum impact when operated in a vertical position, they can be operated when slightly tilted. The efficiency and result of this depends on the skills of the operator. That is why we won’t recommend a tilted position exceeding 30º.

Fractum breakers are easy to operate. Generally speaking, any experienced excavator operator can handle our machinery.

No. Fractum breakers only need hydraulic oil.

A lot of research has gone into the optimisation of the hammerhead’s design, shape and material. It is therefore extremely strong. The tip of the hammerhead, which is the component that is most exposed to wear and tear, can be replaced and/or be refurbished with new parts. This can be done on site.


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