No more Secondary blasting

With Fractum’s innovative breakers, no more secondary blasting is required. Save time on blasting and increase productivity and safety.

Fractum’s rock breakers have the reputation of being effective, efficient, and precise. Our high-capacity solutions have an impact power ranging from 100,000 J to 250,000 J. This allows for the fragmentation of the hardest rock material in just a few strokes, eliminating the need for secondary blasting.

Fractum impact breakers are designed in such a way that they allow the operator to work very precisely to avoid fly rock. This helps quarry and mine managers to significantly increase the breaking capacity on site while operating the hammer alongside other machines.

Avoiding the danger of fly rock makes the Fractum breaker much safer to use than the chisel operated system or the drop ball. This increases safety in the work environment for the workers, while using the breaker will also decrease material damages to windows etc.

Break the
biggest boulders

Save on primary blasting

Mining and quarrying companies are often confined to closely spaced blasting patterns to break the bed rock into pieces small enough to fit the crushers.

Fractum has developed breakers that make it possible to deal with oversized rocks straight away. Due to the design and use of technology, machines equipped with Fractum breakers won’t clog up with large boulders during primary crushing. Our solutions have the capability to break massive boulders of over 150 tons quickly and efficiently. This means that quarrying and mining companies which are using our breakers are no longer tasked with secondary breaking processes during primary crushing. This saves time and money and increases productivity and safety on site.


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