Three reasons to choose a FRACTUM Breaker

Get ready to revolutionize your material breakage operations with Fractum. Our whitepaper unveils the game-changing technology that prioritizes safety, economy, and sustainability in the field. Dive into the world of high-impact, low-frequency hydraulic breakers and explore how Fractum’s innovative solutions are transforming industries worldwide. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve.


Fractum breakers prioritize safety above all else. Our low-frequency operation and precision engineering minimize risks, ensuring the well-being of operators and creating a safer work environment.


Fractum breakers offer exceptional cost efficiency, surpassing traditional methods our breakers deliver significant savings and increased profitability.


Fractum breakers lead the way in sustainability. In production and machinery operations, minimizing CO2 emissions and prioritizing sustainability are paramount. With Fractum breakers, we offer a solution that aligns with these goals, enabling environmentally conscious material breakage practices.