Subject to, certain conditions, Fractum can organise breakers for hire to accommodate clients who need quality service and reliable machinery for smaller assignments or once off jobs. There are cases which involve one time jobs which do not justify investing in a machine. Under these circumstances, Fractum can offer to organize a suitable solution.

The main advantage of this solution is that you get the same quality whilst not having to worry about maintenance and repairs. With the Fractum breaker you will save on cost, time and enhance safety due to the elimination of rearranging the material which needs to be broken.

Normally, we will facilitate a solution based on the weight of the material (tonnage) that needs to be broken into smaller pieces. For instance:

  • 7,000 tonnes of pig iron – This client wanted each lump of this particular material, which weighed around 7-10 tonnes, to be broken down into HMS1 grade pieces. As a result, the material did not have to be transported to a drop ball site, which is expensive. Instead, all material was dealt with on site efficiently, safely and cost-effectively.
  • 5,500 tonnes of moulds – This particular client decided on a hire solution of one of our breakers instead of buying one because, except for 5,500 tonnes of moulds, he had nothing else that needed to be broken. The moulds were eventually broken down to HMS1 quality, on site. This eliminated the high costs of transporting the material to a drop ball site.
  • 15,000 tonnes of de-sulphured skulls – This material had to be fragmented into 1,500 mm-size pieces. We managed to do so; on site, effectively and safely whilst meeting our deadline.
  • 8,500 tonnes of traditional steel skulls – Our clients wanted to break this material into HMS1 quality. He rented one of Fractum’s breakers, after which the job was completed safely and effectively on site.
  • Heavy steel scrap – This can be big piles of casted steel/iron, big engine blocks, gearboxes, electric motors, foundations etc.
  • Rolls – Often big piles of rolls have been collected over the years. The Fractum breaker is able to process most of these rolls.

We provide rental solutions in the EU. Contact us for more information.


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